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You say that like it's a bad thing
like it's something i should be ashamed of.
But why? Because I happen to fall in love with the same gender?
That my interests are out of the ordinary?
That I dye my hair wacky colors and wear clothes that don't fit your normal?
I see nothing wrong with that.
People really suck at insults.
It's true! How is calling me out on my sexuality an insult? LOL!

Here.. go listen to another geek talk about this!! He puts it far better than I do >w<

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charcharwolf2 Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2013  Student General Artist
Being unique is whats cool. Normal? Whats normal? A setting on a washing machcine and no one wants to be that. ~Ashley purdy. His words are true when he said this I admire that your so open with yourself about being Lesbian and diffrent its brave I belive and your being yourself!
Idontknowwhoyouknow Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I think there's nothing weird on it at all! I'm very geeky, daydreamish (to the extent that my mind is never empty.), weird. But if they say that I'm this but I'm not actually that, I'm extremely insulted.

Like the time my friends call me autistic but actually I just have Asperger's
LaurelsARainbow Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2013   General Artist
I'm glad to hear it :)
And having Aspergers isn't something to be insulted about either, my little sister and my best friend both have it.
Idontknowwhoyouknow Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
No, I mean by them telling me that I'm autistic!
AwesomeAriel Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
IKR? its like seeing something you dont like and saying "HA THATS SOOOOO STRAIGHT!" lame-insult-accomplished
MockingJay1256 Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
1st, I LOVE THE VlogBrothers!!!!!!!!! They made me laugh so much with the 50 jokes in four minutes!!!!

2nd, Look at my signature! Its about weirdness. :P
LaurelsARainbow Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2012   General Artist
yaaay fellow nerdfighter! DFTBA!
and i love that quote!
EpileptudeDesigns Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
there is no such thing as "normal" ..and if you think you are normal..then you are weird. ...
Lost-Concept Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Ha! So true!! Thank you so much, I feel exactly the same way!! I love it!
Galoen Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2012  Hobbyist
That is really good!
I refer to myself as geek or otaku, even if many people think that's something bad.
But what's wrong with being different? With simply being what you are?
I don't wanna be 'normal' (what ever this might be) - I will be colorful and look like me and just like me! :D
LilSpiritFox Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nicely put i dont think i could have even thought that better myself
a-meowing-bird Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh yes. I agree with you whole heartily. People be making bade insults! (for the record I do not talk like that in real life)

and DFTBA :D
AkatsukisFallenAngel Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2012
I love this !!!
GLoabalGOthian Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2011
Good one I like the message. If someone feels uncomfortable they need to block that person out of their life!
youdontknowme88 Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2011
Thanks for posting this.
LaurelsARainbow Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2011   General Artist
you are most welcome ^.^
Nekado-chan Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2011
So true. Why should we care about the thoughts of the narrow-minded?
kurogari1okami Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2011
You speak the truth! We , the strange, the weird, the abnormal, are who we are ad will not change for ingnorant bastards who claim to be "normal". There is no such thing as normal since their is no such thing as a stardard or a template for humans. They are just scared to admit that they are in fact like us.
Izzdia Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2011
Normal is the definition of the majority - that doesn't mean that 'normal' in one place is 'normal' in another. We're all normal in our own eyes, and the ways we stand out from the crowd is just what makes us special :-)

I agree that people really sucks at insults - besides, unless its a friend (and a friend wouldn't insult you) I have a hard time taking people serious when they insult me - I mean, what the f... do they know anyhow?

Insults, I believe, is the product of an infantile and narrowminded mentality.

I like how you've put words on something close to a lot of peoples hearts - it made me smile :-)
forbiddenhero Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2011  Student Writer
All I have to say is DFTBA.
Shadowstar1224 Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2011
Being "normal" is overrated.
captain-starfleet Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2011
Perfection can so rarely be achieved with the English language, yet you seem to have nailed it on the head, so to speak.

I applaud you. Bravo, and good work.
LaurelsARainbow Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2011   General Artist
:iconimflatteredplz: aww thank you darling
RayneHale Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2011
This is what I think everytime someone tries to insult someone with the words "lesbian", "gay", whatever.
It's funny.
Shikaxshake Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2011  Student General Artist
Wow :') this really made my day :')
LaurelsARainbow Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2011   General Artist
I'm so glad! :D
ignotism Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2011   General Artist
How the fuck is this on the front page?
LaurelsARainbow Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2011   General Artist
You're telling me -.- It was a crappy little commentary of mine that i didn't expect to get any recognition, I don't really think it deserves it either.
Sylistra-The-Scholar Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Considering Geek is the most elevated of the intelligent hierarchy you should almost be happy, lol.
SashaLovesNebulas Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2011  Student Photographer
YourBuddyBill Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I agree.
I am straight, and yet, people diss me because I act differently than other guys my age. I don't tend to tolerate pervertedness.
As a result I am a social outcast and people keep dissing me behind my back. I have the courage to turn around with a comeback to their face.
And so, I carry on the fight of open hearts and open minds.
Midnight0Wolf Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2011
lol, yeah... my friend calls me lesbian... i accuse her of being straight ^^
People really do suck at insults, dont they?
fangPS Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Yes they do!~ ^_^
smurfy27 Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2011  Student Writer
thankfully I've never had to deal with this during my self-acceptance as Bi :)
Sunsetsurfer21 Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Fifty-caliber Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2011
Your message is loaded down with hostility to the point its bursting with it, I cant believe they made this a DD. :facepalm: And yes It IS an insult if you get angry about it, so it would "appear" you are indeed insulted and have given them what they wanted, and you've in turn drawn battle lines of your own in the form of this message, which I will meet for the sake of argument and to make a point.

It was once an insult to called gay. Apparently its not anymore, or is that just hype? With what I’ve been seen and heard from the past it is still a strong insult. As the world was before they white washed gay, it was considered that homosexuality was a problem, and gays who felt that way would often seek help because their families would sadly disown them. And in those self help sessions a large majority of them admitted to some pretty creepy stuff: nymphomania (having roughly 10X more partners than the avarage person at that time) also having admitted to being pedophile’s ,and to committing bestiality on some occasions, often in their youth.

Past social studies and accurate statistics have shown, gays are often these very same people, with the same odd and extreme attractions, well above and beyond normal levels. But the new white washed gays of today seem to keep it quiet, just as they use to keep their homosexuality quiet. And as result the world seems to have forgotten that they use to admit to as much back when being gay was once considered a problem. Which is why people never accepted them and for good reason. Because of the numerous other odd tendencies that gays inevitably want accepted as well. But are just too screwed up for a normal functioning society. The human child can't possibly cope with rape on a life long scale and come out perfectly sane, no! Violence is assured, as they take no pity on a world that took no pity on them.
Hence why Grease, and Rome were such blood loving cultures over and above all others, and why they were so damned good a killing, because they had honed it for generations of pure as born killers with no souls and a love of murder, read what they did to people, Hitler and the Nazis were merciful by comparison.

So LaurelsARainbow the proud:
Is there more to your list of such un-insulting names:
"Animal rapist"
Statistics say you are very likely a sexual extremist, as most former and forgotten studies have once outlined very clearly that gays often are. Though it may not be true for you it wasn’t 100% after all and not nearly all of them admitted to all three, but odds are reasonably good that you are two of these.

In any case I can help but think gay PRIDE is highly over rated for this very reason. It affiliates you openly with what past gays once openly admitted for the sake of anonymous statistics. and does that affiliation insult you, or do you wear it proud as you do your other names?
JotePaine Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2011
First things first: post on a public forum, you open yourself to scrutiny from other people who disagree with you. So do not pull the "I was talking to/about *insert username here* I don't need to hear your comment" argument I have seen from you.

Secondly, I barely have a clue what you are saying because you are in short, wording it rather poorly and leaving it too open ended for someone to interpret "correctly". And you require citations, which I want produced.
Give me a book title.
Journal Name.
Web site.
Web domain.
An actual person if they're not an author.
Anything at all I can research into.
If I have to buy it, trust me, I will so if possible so I can see for myself. However, if you cannot produce these "statistics" you should not bring them up. Don't bring the "oh, just because you can't find them doesn't mean it's wrong"... No. That doesn't fucking work in the real world. If you can't produce these results, you have no reason to bring them in this argument. It's like Chekhov's Gun in literature: you bring it up, it is to be used or the mention is worthless and puts holes in your story. You brought it up, you produce them given they're so 'obscure'. All we need is a title or a name! That can't be so hard to produce since you go back on them so much, it should be like breathing.

Okay, your argument on Greece and Rome compared to Hitler and the Nazis... 1. You have invoked Godwin's Law! 2. Actually, I disagree considering though the Ancient Greeks and Romans were brutal, they did not brutally torture, starved, and murdered 6+ Million people without cause than just do to do. The Greeks and Romans did go to war, however, it was to conquer and control, not to eradicate entire races on the basis of superior blood (you can disagree with this, but that's my take on them. Yes, I'll admit they loved to fight, but they were scholarly as well and every culture is not free from blood).

Yeah, and past psychology studies said that being gay was a disease. Obviously since it's no longer in the handbook, those psychologists were wrong. Like it or not, they (the psychologists) suppressed information or just plain excused what they saw for something else. For example, Freud lied greatly when girls came to him and said their fathers molested them, mostly because he refused to believe that it occurred and it made him feel better lying about it. Don't believe me? It's provided and explained in a book called Father-Daughter Incest by Judith Lewis Herman. Who knows what else they lied about? And all the treatments used in the past: electro-shock therapy, lobotomies, and such are no longer in use (or rarely used) because they're unethical and they don't work (learned this in class, so unfortunately, I can only site my teacher Dr. Blaine Schultz).

And the rest of your massive paragraph: you already know I want proof of these "statistics".
Fifty-caliber Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2011
Yes, Its a public forum and I am open to scrutiny, but you forget I have free will and do not have to listen or reply if I don’t wish to. And I don’t have to be reasonable or bend to your wishes, and that’s life.

I'm not the one who read the books and did the research, talk to the generations before mine for that information. And to in turn say I'm basing it on false information would be saying the past generations were all telling the exact same lie, which is a contradiction, if it truly was a lie it would contradict itself through various mixed stories from one person to the next, which it doesn't seem to.

To say the research was false is to say the former gay patients in question were all telling lies as well, saying they had slept with children and animals when in fact they hadn’t, though why someone would lie about that is beyond me. Thus I feel the case stands. Though it is the past, and the same study may not offer the same result in today’s world, were oppression has been replaced by acceptance. so the statistics may change, or perhaps not. I'm not the one doing the research so I cant guess the results.

As for Rome and Greece. You are basically saying that if your grew up there as a slave and were raped your entire life by old men, of whom you could not harm on your life, that you would not grow up angry? And once grown up, you were offered a chance to gain your freedom though 25 years of service in the Legion.
And in that service, would you not go out and take your revenge on everything with an unequaled hatred? A haltered running so deep you can’t even recall ever being free of it. I'll tell you if that were me, Id devote my life to learning battle to ensure I live to take my revenge without equal on those who tore my soul out.
One example of this behavior is found in one of the several prime reasons people commit murder” embarrassment”. They get caught raping the livestock so they kill the witness to avoid further humiliation. Now multiply that embarrassment against a life of being raped like livestock.
Even if you’ve been raped, You still have no fucking idea what life as a roman catamite slave would be like. So go ahead and use all the world history you like to prove that raping kids is in fact healthy for them and of little or no effect. But I'll go with simpler philosophy, and say that if they grew up and joined a blood letting army, that they would one day return and butcher you for it. Hence the extreme violence inherent in the Roman and Greek armies.

And if that is allowed to happen in today’s world the result would be exactly the same in my opinion. So if this acceptance doesn’t stop at just being merely being gay. And sexual extremists seek shelter under the same roof and by the same means as gay people did, without ever giving anyone a choice, forcing their ideals on our TV programs, going to government and getting laws passed based on popular opinion, bypassing a wanted public vote, then teaching acceptance and “choice” in our schools to estrange the former generation from their own children, which is exactly what gays did, hence why it happened so damned fast, and why everyone is have such a hard time coping with it.
Simply put, we are in huge trouble, if other sexual extremists can do as gays have done, and circumvent democracy. I’m not mad a gay people for wanting to be accepted, that’s normal human behavior. But how it was done was WRONG!! And has opened a door for others to try. And with laws silencing us to speak out against gays, all of these cultures are claiming to be gay, aiding in our silence. Don’t believe me? Go hack on a yiffy for wrecking anthero art, they will call you a homophobe within one or two replies, even though you’ve not said a single thing anti gay. It happens to me frequently, yiffies are the happy public face of animal rapists. Though not all of them are, most are just fans of the art, but some go well past that as almost any cop can tell you.
JotePaine Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2011
Point, you have the right to not listen to me, but that makes you ignorant. I wanted to know in better words why you thought the way you did and I wanted the actual statistics you always mentioned but never brought up. I assumed you were like the drunk senator Joseph McCarthy that claimed to have the proof but never produced them (he was the main person of The Red Scare in the 1950s, and had a "list" of supposed communists which was never produced), and you still didn't produce these statistics. You sidestepped my question by saying you didn't do the research. Well duh you didn't, but you gotten it somewhere. And the answer you gave me was a shitty one that excuses you from giving me the results. Talk to generations past? You obviously had, you must be so informed on the subject, show me where to look. I'm an "ignorant 'woman' that needs to be led by a man such as yourself". Nice try, doesn't make me believe you and now I find you sexist given how you brush me and the other two aside and funny thing is we're all 'female'. And you back up these fucking claims so much by those statistics, as far as I'm concerned you can produce them or you can keep your mouth shut. (though that's my take on the situation)

Yes, you're a liar as far as I'm concerned. Yes, there are people who are like that, who enjoy bestiality, paedophilia, and other immoral acts. I have never denied that it wasn't possible, I just refuse to believe what you are saying without proof, which you have not provided and have sidestepped in answering not just to me, but others. Says much about your character and how trustworthy your "sources" are. The way you claim this proof, every gay person is sexually immoral and they do more than just be with consenting adults. And you are ignorant to believe that all information is infallible and not tainted with bias. I gave proof that researchers, especially psychologists, did lie, I have given a source where you can see for yourself considering you must consider all forms of research to be an infallible text like a Bible. You have given statistics, have not given sources, and I cannot see for myself.

And with Greece and Rome, I said you could disagree with me on that, to me, it's based on which archaeologist/researcher you listen to so I will give you that one. But you saying that they're worse than the Nazis I find to be incorrect in my opinion given what research I put in World War 2 and my years of learning about Ancient Roman culture in Latin classes (by the way, and I am fully aware of how ancient warfare worked. I have studied the Trojan War, the Punic Wars, all of the battles Rome won and lost as well as many of Greece and I know full well what happened: men were killed, sons tossed from walls to die or sold as slaves, women and young girls raped, sold as slaves and even killed. My studies were not sugarcoated so it would be best not to assume I am ignorant on that matter). I was not claiming they were "perfect" and not "warring societies", I claimed that compared to what Nazi Germany did was debatable and I gave my reasons as to why I thought Nazi Germany was worse. I did not say that the fucking Romans and Greeks were just fine and dandy. One thing I take into account is the overall morality of the times. You obviously do not.

Okay, fine, people are too trigger happy to claim discrimination. But how you are wording things is vastly misleading in the first place, so what do you expect when someone accuses you to be an ignorant person?

And you seriously think bestiality, paedophilia, and other "sexual extremists" will be accepted? Here's the difference with gays and them:
two gay adult men can give consent
two lesbian adult women can give consent

a child cannot give consent
a dog cannot give consent
and a toaster has no consent to give, therefore, cannot give consent

Is that so hard to learn?

And I stress again: there are sick people in the world who think that children and animals can give consent. I am not defending them, they all need treatment. I am disputing your claims that all gays were also paedophiles and were into bestiality and other unnatural sex acts that you claim without proof
Fifty-caliber Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2011
Ok, I'll have to go to the source and find the proof, it as simple as asking my uncle the next time I see him. I'm sure he can direct me to some literature. But don’t go turning a blind eye to reason, the points I made do reflect what people of the time spoke of. And yes if you are so motivated to you CAN research that, you just have to get off your computer and go speak to the evil people from way back when, and allow them to speak their mind.

As for consent of gays and their chosen partners, I couldn’t agree more, which is why I typically have no problem with them unless they are hardliners that can’t accept that many people (such as myself) are still upset in some ways. Personally I'm still mad at how gays bypassed/shortcut their way around our right to vote on a matter nearly everyone at the time wanted a vote on. Sure it may have slowed things down it terms of gay acceptance. But you don’t piss on the bones of the countless war dead whom died for democracy, just because you feel you hold the moral high ground. Democracy is what decides that, and circumventing it assures you it will go your way regardless and again that is horribly wrong to deny people their freedom and right..

like it or not, if sexual extremists manage to pull the same strings gays did, you yourself wont be given a choice either. And your children will be subjected to it in school and you will become the estranged monster, whom doesn’t want their child whoring themselves out in a school bathroom stall and thinking its A-OK (and consensual). As for consent in terms of your aforementioned list. An animal rapist can translate consent into many form he would push to deem acceptable (IE: use of key animal sent that makes them willing, or whatever they can dream up and pass off. Just as a ped can accept child consent). That’s all they need to go on. You may say its impossible for them to stand on those grounds and be accepted. But they want acceptance as bad as you, and everyone would have said the same about gays 30 years ago. And with these extremists hiding behind legitimate and normal gays, while using the gay ant hate laws to silence us, we are in an even lesser position to stop them. We can only hope they don’t get onto TV and start chipping away at public opinion as gays did, bit by bit over decades, eventually forcing television programs, specifically comedy to have sexual orientated characters and shows. Because people tend to accept what they laugh at. Gays did do this. It was underhanded and worse than that, it is repeatable. So yes, I'm still a bit pissed about that.
All the gay community had to do was had to do was do it properly with consent, not with force.
JotePaine Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2011
okay, that was all I was asking for. The problem with looking for this information myself is that I wouldn't know where to start first. This isn't a motivation problem, it's a lack of experience on my part in finding people. But fine, you have made your point. If I really wanted to know for myself, I'd have to look. And I will attempt to when I can. And I am also sure this will take years to research, but I'm willing to do so.

Alright, now I see what you're saying. But at the same time, can you blame these people? Psychologists removed homosexuality as a listed disease sometime in the 1970s (and of course, many disagreed and some still do). And here's the deal with letting others vote on that: with the 'gay marriage' issue, it is all other people voting on that however some can provide that those same people would not vote on 'strait marriage' considering it a definite right. It's hypocritical and wrong, and I do admit, what I claim is considered flawed logic as well because, as you have pointed out, gays sidestepped other people's rights. Though I know no better way to explain that issue, other than bring up civil rights movements whom have went through the same thing and some have technically sidestepped the rights of others.

And for the last paragraph, I get the analogies. However, at the same time, I find it hard to believe that those same tactics will work. Though I do admit, it's highly possible that's how they will reach for their twisted "rights" but I also think you may be thinking in the wrong terms given how fast technology progresses and how far it went from the 1950s (or even 1970s) to now. If I was someone preaching for the rights of bestiality or paedophilia (which I stress I am not for those who misread) I would rather use the internet. In a way, for paedophilia, they do this through interesting ways. For those who have heard of the webcomic "Homestuck" there is a rampant amount of child porn (shota/loli) along with it. I do admit, I was one of those people who preached "fiction is okay, reality isn't" though eventually I learned that this kind of thinking is how there is acceptance for the actions. So now there are young teenagers from ages 15 and on who think that they aren't paedophiles because they like a particular pornography from a certain fandom. (that's what I think anyway)

While I disagreed with your statements at first, and still do to some extent, I do get what you are trying to say and I agree (to some extent) with the message you're trying to convey. At the same time, how you came at your message was not appropriate. Though, I have been wrong in the past, and I admit I was wrong in my first impression of you. I apologize for my rudeness earlier and for some of the assumptions I made. Don't feel obligated to apologize, you were trying to get a point out and eventually I saw it, doesn't mean that I had to be rude and "butt-in" on a public forum.
Fifty-caliber Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2011
Thanks for keeping an open mind. I've learned and moved past my opening statement is some terms with in the various conversations that occurred within this thread. I feel I'm a better person for it. And hearing actual level headed gays that don’t defend sexual extremists is refreshing. As I find the extremists will say and do anything and wont back down an inch. It tends to scare me.

I can only hope people hold on to their values and see that those these people are not of the same breed as the un-harassing and consensual gays, whom have for the most part met their objective and hold no further ambitions. As long as tomorrows world stops at "Human adult consent" I'm generally fine with that.

And this is indeed a public forum, so no need to worry about butting in, that’s really what its all about. Nowhere else can you hold a conversation and get so many new radical points of view, that you simply must look at yourself and question your logic. You’ve shown me a little bit about myself that was worth re-evaluating, so your input is indeed well accepted. we all live and learn and im doing exactly that and still tripping over my shoe laces from time to time.

As for rudness. I guess I really set the stage for that in my opening reply to the headline. So I kind of understood you not taking well to that. So its all cool and have a nice day. :)
JotePaine Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2011
And thank you for talking to me and not blocking me as some people have done. I think that everyone that commented on this just wanted to know why you thought the way you did, and well, it is insightful to know the why instead of just making assumptions. This has also taught me a little more about myself and shows I may need to rethink a few stances I have against certain people I know. And you too have a nice day.
J-N-J-M Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2011
most of my friends are gay or lesbian, my mom has a couple of friends that are gay or lesbian, some of the people i know have parents that are gay or lesbian (adopted), and NONE of them have this problem. those horrible things that you were talking about were most likely results of the horrible guilt and pain they (gays or lesbians back then) felt from being someone people looked down upon, were disgusted with, thought were insane. If you are kept from want you naturally NEED then obviously you might go insane. also although you might be right in the bad gays back then, you must also know that many of the best writers of the past were gay. and it doesn't matter what past gays did, because current ones don't. (BTW MASS MURDERING 6MILLION PEOPLE IS NOT MERCY.)
Fifty-caliber Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2011
I like the point you make, it certainly is an outstanding argument, one I'm am not qualified to argue as it would enter into deeper psychology that I understand. But its reasonable to think it makes good sense. Afterall, times change and so can people. And being accepted rather than hated for something you can do nothing about (anymore than breathing) is certainly going to alter your outlook. Though some gays really are extremists, and perhaps its their nature, and maybe they too cannot help their attraction. But all I ask of them is a measure of self control and restraint.
I can repress my anger, which is a far stronger, sharper, and more sudden emotion than sexual attraction. So a man that is attracted to a child should also be able to repress his emotion. We all have that ability, and simple proof is: No matter how insanely attracted a man is to a child. They will not rape them when the dad is standing right there, and is a 300 pound wall of pure of muscle and protective instinct.No not a chance in hell. They will wait a month (or six) until the child is unprotected to fullfill their lust. Thus proving repression of sexual desire is indeed totally possible.
Thus any atraction can be repressed, and people takeing it a liberty knowing full well it will hurt others anr not amoung those I can really respect.

Which brings to mind a few other issues in reguareds to how the gay community behaves around us old world people. It was a fast change from non-acceptance to full acceptanceanthe means of how that was done is actually very very wrong, (Ive outlined it in a recent reply to LaurelsARainbw) change is always best done slowy. So gays really need to ditch gay pride parades that involve men in thongs. Calling people homophobic > it really is an insult that honestly does more harm than good. and attempting to convert streight people that do not show interest, thats just going too far at this time. Give the world some time to catch up, is not so much to ask.
J-N-J-M Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2011
okay, i see where your coming from, and yeah if they are pedophiles who can't control themselves, then they should totally be stopped, whether gay or straight, and the whole gay pride parade thing is probably going a bit far... i guess it's just gonna take a while for everything to be evened out. not anti-gay and not calling everyone homophobes if they say anything against someone who is gay (people should learn the definition of homophobe.) and giving the world time to catch up is not too much to ask at all, I just hope it does catch up...
Fifty-caliber Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2011
All I can hope for is that it stops at gay, if so, I'll be perfectly happy. I just dont want extremeists getting through the cracks, I think that is the greater fear with most people. Accepting gays to me was never really a huge deal, and I think the world will come around to that in time. :)
Koiria Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2011
I am not completely sure what I just read, but I do understand enough to comment on this.
You treat this as though every person of other orientation should be aware of every single thing everyone who has had their orientation in the past has done, said, and confessed to...
Why don't you go around asking every American if they know about the Trail of Tears? What about any of the other discriminating, morally wrong things that our people have done in the past? I am sure that most people would stare at you like you were insane.

Also; as the other person has stated, I would /love/ to find these texts where you got your information and do background checks on the people who wrote them. I have not once come across anything of the sort in all of my studies.
You are also stereotyping with this. You are claiming that ALL people of homosexuality are one or more of these things; that /statistics/ that I have never once heard about prove that they have these tendencies.
It is true that parents would send their kids to reform/insanity asylums in the past. Would you care to elaborate on what their methods of treatment were? Cutting the brain in two and watching as one hand would beat the other after the surgery? What about elecro-shck therapy where they would pump the body full of electricity so much it would fry their brain? Are you saying those methods are perfectly fine, because these people were all, ever single one of them, violence-loving monsters that deserved it?
I'd like to see your research on that.

I certainly hope you are talking about the movie Grease and not the Ancient Greece that was a real place, because this is completely wrong if it is the latter. Greece wasn't actually all that war-loving. They valued knowledge over violence, and yes, they fought, but it was more often than not on personal terms. I may be wrong; but I know for sure they were no where near as violent as Rome. Ancient Romans would, indeed, perform barbaric acts before battle... which they did love. Greece; woman were taught minimal teachings and then never seen again after they were married. It was odd to see one out on the streets. Rome; they were more equal because they had to take care of the property while their men were at war-which was often.
However, I do not see how this relates to the topic at hand. I simply wanted to point out the fact the Ancient worlds and the modern worlds are not the same; and the fact Greece is not a movie.

I would like you to pull up statistics of the straight people who also hold those names you so boldly stated and linked to those of different sexuality. If being of different sexuality was indeed so very clearly linked to those titles as you make believe; then certainly some of us would have heard of it before? I don't ever recall of hearing about a 'gay animal rapist' or whatever.

If you say you are straight...
Well, Hitler was straight as far as I know.
So was Caesar, Napoleon, and oh... well, I honestly don't recall a violent military ruler that was of any other sexuality than straight! I'd like you to show me proof otherwise.
In my studies, it appears that straight people are the ones that mass-murder anyone who they please. So when you say you are straight; does that mean you are exactly like those people too?
Such stereotyping is invalid. It's like saying all people with glasses are smart.

So yeah; I still think they have every right to be proud of who they are-just as much as anyone else. I mean; if you declare you are straight... I certain hope you know of every straight leader in the past that has killed hundreds of thousands of people, because you are linked to them in more ways than one!
LaurelsARainbow Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2011   General Artist
I think you put that very well :iconclapplz: and thank you for defending the people of the orientation of the rainbow hue ^.^
Koiria Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2011
No thanks needed for just saying what is true ^^;
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